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Car Air Fresheners

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Y'all remember those tree air fresheners that the vanilla would knock you back 2 weeks in time when you opened the door... {My husband literally has 10 on his rear view mirror right now!} Well. This ain't them. 

These air fresheners come to you unscented. Ok. CALM DOWN! People are weird with smells. Many of you all I don't know, but you can scent them up yourself with whatever fragrance you choose. Just grab your favorite essential oil or essential oil potion and drop those magic drops all over this thing and boom, it is no longer unscented and I don't have to worry about your respiratory sensitivities. Win. Win. 

They're 3" wide and 4" tall. Ready to hang with you from a super stretchy elastic cord. Double sided print!

Grab ya at least one and fight your car stank in style. 

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