Circle Block Print Monogram
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Circle Block Print Monogram

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No need to circle back Jenny from the Block... That's not what we're saying here... 

This awesome monogram is just literally a CIRCLE. with a BLOCK font. 

It is cut in Oracal 651 vinyl which means that where you stick this decal -probably next to those other decals you're looking to replace- it is going to show up with a banana phone and say "That's right, I'm the last one standing, another one bites the dust!" We just really didn't want you to be fooled by the rocks that it's got. 

It's your Circle Block, you are the Mayor and in charge of how it looks. I am not some technical guru. OBVIOUSLY. So I am still having to figure out how to get all these infinite options {even downloaded an app called infinite options so we're doing big things here} uploaded on to the website. Until I make that magic happen, click that messenger button right down in the right corner [watch it move] and that will take you straight to the VIP section of my DMs once you get inside you design your circle block the way you always dreamed it would look! (or you can email me at

**Pricing is based off of size. This decal is 4"X4"

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