"Mouse with a Bow" Vinyl Decal
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"Mouse with a Bow" Vinyl Decal

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We shall call her Martina Mouse. She is actually from the aquatic mice species, hince that water atom shape. H2O. 

Martina is layered with 3 types of Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl. Basically, "She ain't goin' no where. She can't be stopped now. She a Bad Mouse fo life!"

You have complete control how your Martina looks, and I am trying to figure out how to get these options to pop up here for you. But, until I do, click that messenger button and that will take you straight past security right to my DMs and just let your Martina Mouse vision and dreams run wild! (or you can email me at leslieblevins.ky@gmail.com)

**Pricing is based off of size and layers. This decal is 4"X4" with 3 layers of vinyl.

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